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I hired Lori Thierfeldt approximately four years ago to do a foreclosure on a business. Many establishments said it would take 2-3 years or longer to perform this service. Lori performed this transaction in half the time at best. Lori is professional, accessible, and to the point. She will not make false promises. Lori has done a couple of real estate transactions for me as well. Lori executed them at 110% in that time frame and trumps anyone else I have hired in the past. Lori helped me secure my liquor license for my bar/ restaurant, The Old Tool Tavern, Located in Randolph, NY. Lori is, and will always be my attorney.  When you hire her, you will be impressed. Everyone in Chautauqua County should seek Lori for your legal need. Honesty, Integrity, and availability is Lori Thierfeldt.

R.A., Randolph, New York, USA

“I fully endorse Thierfeldt Law P.C. for their ability to explain all the options to their client and to guide them to choose the one that gets results.”

C.H., Jamestown, New York, USA

“When I was injured, my first thought was of how I was going to be able to provide for my family. Thierfeldt Law P.C. made sure that we were compensated in a way that provided all of us with a secure future.”

T.J., Warren, Pennsylvania, USA

My experience with Ms. Thierfeldt has been a results-oriented and tenacious agenda driven by professional, timely and succinct communication. She stepped into a 10-year legal dilemma defined a solution and secured a payment resolution within weeks. I am delighted with the results, the clarity of her process and her legal skills and vision.

R.S., Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA

Millions Of Dollars Recovered For Accident Victims

Select Success Stories

$998,000 Settlement

In a suit against a city doctor, which was providing pain management without proper management, we were able to secure a fair settlement for our clients, making sure that they are taken care of for life.

$2.9 Million Settlement

In a case of medical malpractice due to a surgery gone wrong, Ms. Thierfeldt was able to help get our client a settlement that helped them secure a structure to provide security for their family well into the future without the benefit of continuing on in her career she worked hard to build.

$800,000 Settlement

Motor Vehicle Accident in NY Federal Court vs. a utility company

$400,000 Settlement

Motor Vehicle Accident and NY Supplementary Underinsured claim for $400,000.


Hundreds of Thousands Of Dollars Recovered In Collections And Foreclosures

We have provided collection services to Banks and private individuals alike for more than 15 years after a default on consumer credit transactions or when private individuals provide owner financing to those less fortunate who would otherwise not be able to borrow money, purchase autos, or homes. We are experienced in New York and Pennsylvania matters.

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