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An Overview Of Our Practice Areas

Thierfeldt Law P.C. is committed to providing experienced and reliable legal advice to our clients in a variety of legal matters and disputes. No matter what issue you are facing, we will help you understand the full range of your legal options, and we will work with you to design a strategy tailored to your goals and the details of your situation.

In personal injury cases and related matters, Thierfeldt Law P.C. will push hard to obtain the maximum compensation available. We understand the financial and psychological costs that come with an avoidable injury or the wrongful death of a loved one, and Thierfeldt Law P.C. will help you obtain financial compensation that can be used to mitigate the costs of medical bills, lost wages and other expenses.

A Variety Of Litigation Services

Thierfeldt Law P.C. assists clients in a range of legal matters, including:

Personal injury cases: Thierfeldt Law P.C. represents plaintiffs who have been injured by someone else’s negligence or malice, such as in an automobile accident or a motorcycle accident. Thierfeldt Law P.C. also works with those who have been injured in slip-and-fall incidents, dog bites and other injuries.

Medical malpractice: If you have suffered an injury due to malpractice by a medical professional, Thierfeldt Law P.C. can help you hold that person accountable to the professional standards of their industry. That includes doctors, nurses, medical technicians and other parties in the medical system.

Wrongful death: There is no way to truly compensate for the loss of a loved one, but the law does provide a tool to hold the responsible party accountable through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Business litigation: Thierfeldt Law P.C. represents small businesses in a wide range of business disputes, including contract litigation.

Nursing home litigation: Thierfeldt Law P.C. represents individuals and families who believe their loved one has suffered from abuse or neglect in a long-term care facility.

Other civil litigation and settlements: Thierfeldt Law P.C. also represents individuals and businesses in a wide range of civil disputes. We often seek settlements out of court to save our clients time and resources, but we also stand ready to fight for your interests in court when that is the best option to achieve your goals.

Get The Legal Advice You Need

If you have questions about your case, Thierfeldt Law P.C. is happy to answer them in an initial consultation. To make an appointment to speak in person or by phone, just call our office at 716-665-2889 or contact us online.

From our office in Jamestown, New York, Thierfeldt Law P.C. serves clients in New York and Pennsylvania.